In Life You Get What You Give


Voices Through Fingers 

Art is Beautiful! – Passion Inspired

If while our eyes fell on any beautiful piece of art; be it the wedding and birthday cakes, the dress, shoes, jewelry and bag designs, drawings and paintings, photographs, furniture and more, if we could just hush for a moment and listen! Then we could be able to hear what we see and feel what we hear.

The voices in the art take you deep into the minds of their creators. I celebrate them, I celebrate their creation. Representing Mama Africa; showcasing cultures and traditions world over; promoting peace and human dignity and saying yes to abundance. I hear them, they’ve got voices in their fingers!

Designing is fun, you can try with these easy DIY home design ideas here.


I Miss My Baby Days

Enjoy this moment because once it’s gone, you can’t have it back.

When I was a kid, becoming an adult was something I wanted so bad. I use to envy the lifestyle of elderly people around me. I mean they could go out when they wanted, to where they want, do what they want and how they wanted. Their lives seemed easier, freer and much fun and oh God I can’t forget this one, they kind of had a lot more money than I did and I’ll always ask myself where they got all that money from – I wanted to be like them.

Now that I am an adult, I wish I didn’t spend so much time wanting to be an adult and just enjoyed being a kid. I miss those moments when I didn’t have to worry about anything,  what I will eat or wear and how I would go to school or pay bills and rents and all that. What I didn’t realize as a kid is how much hard work, sacrifice, thinking and worrying the grown ups had to do every single minute. God it sucks!!

Today all I want to do is enjoy every moment I have so I don’t get to regret it. My only focus is to get better at what I do every other day.

Enjoy the moment!! 

When I Clocked 30

Just seemed different

Here I am lying on my bed on the eve of my birthday, my mind wondering about trying to recollect everything I have done for the last 29+ years.What have I achieved so far? Am I where I am supposed to be at 30? Oh my God, I have lived 1,2,3……… 30 years, what can I show for it? Where did I go wrong? How can I fix it? Is it really up to me? All these questions just kept rushing through my mind and suddenly I felt this emptiness and I just burst into tears. Oh yes I cried, a lot!

30 seemed different from every other year I had clocked because growing up I had this perfect plan designed and I know many people do. At 30 I figured I would be complete, doing what I love, living in my own place, married to Mr Right and having amazing kids…… and I know many people wished that for me as well.

You know we spend so much time criticizing ourselves, beating us up, driving us crazy and refusing to stop for a moment and acknowledge how much good there is in our lives. I might have woken up the next morning on my 30th birthday even more determined to make a difference in my life but forgot to appreciate where I was, how far I had come.

Only when I had stepped out of that time-frame did I realize that where and who I was at the time prepared me for who and where I am right now and if I taken full advantage of that moment I would be better. Sometimes we feel we know to much when we really know nothing and if we could stop to see and appreciate the situations we find ourselves with a positive eye, we might just make our lives much easier.  Every moment count and it’s just perfect the way it is.

Have fun living and trust all is working out for your good!

Silent Shouts

My First Attempt at Writing a Poem – I was provoked!

This evening I am home and I hear some noises at the neighbors. I will always see bruises on the lady but she never wanted to talk about it, so I’d just tell her I’ll be here to listen when you want to talk but just make sure you don’t loose an eye first.

It seemed this day she had had enough and she decided to fight back, not with her fists though but with her words. When the exchange got really loud I decided to go knock and after some back and forth I took her to my apartment and we spent that night together. We didn’t talk that night but the following day she decided to find time and come talk about it. This is what it sounded like;

My Silent  Shouts

Orange-the-World-campaign-women-with-signHello, can you hear me!

I can feel my head pounding

My heart beats racing

No one seems to be listening

I can’t stop him and he keeps hurting me

Oh, I thought I fell in love with a gentleman

I have become his drum because I am a woman

He doesn’t seem to think I am human

You should see the way he looks at me

Like I don’t even matter

Convinced I can’t go anywhere because I’m poorer

I can’t blame him; violence seems to be a private matter

You should hear the way he talks to me

Like I am some trash

That was giving to him free of charge

Because Policies and Corruption have made sure he never gets charged

Hello, can you hear me

I’m woman and human

I need your ears and hearts open


Bless All, Blame You, Move Forward

Everyone makes mistakes, I have made a lot, I’ll make some more but my mistakes I consider a part of a perfect human story – my story.

dont-hurt-themAs humans we are bound to make mistakes and it is OK to acknowledge that we failed and to say sorry to everyone we hurt through our mistakes.  I know sometimes we are so full of pride we deny to see and apologize for how much we are hurting others. It’s said do unto others what you’ll want them to do to you. 
5341d6d8150f6e52c02bf10c3a4d780fAs humans we are inevitably exposed to pain. People will hurt us many times in many different ways and it’s OK to forgive and forget so you can set yourself free. I know it’s a whole lot easier when you hold something against someone who has hurt you. You feel like you have power over them but dear friend it’s the reverse, they have power over you. I know you blame them for something terrible they did, in your bitterness you are hating, explaining, rationalizing, complaining and it’s chopping you inside. Doing all these might feel self-vindicating for a moment but do you still really think you have power over them. They are emptying you of all your positive energy, wasting your precious time, almost putting you in a psychiatric home and you are still holding on to it. 

Be good to yourself!

Forgive, forget and set yourself free!

Blog Your Passion

Blogging can be fun when you blog what you love and love what you blog!

I was sharing with a very close friend a few days back on 30 & Beyond and she said; “I have always wanted to blog but I don’t know how to or what to blog about”. “I don’t know why, but I just can’t bring myself to starting”. I have had this conversation repeatedly with friends so let me have it one more time.

You want to blog but don’t know what and how, this is what I have to say in ;

1.) Figure out your reason: Why do you want to blog? People blog for several reasons. Some to network because blogging is a great way to meet new people with a common interest, others to market themselves or their business, to create awareness or share their opinion or get their voices heard on particular issues, to help others and some to gain recognition or make money. Find your why,

2.) Find a Niche: Blogging requires a lot of patience and commitment so you have to think carefully on what you will be blogging about. Pick a topic you are passionate about so you can find it easy to create fresh and interesting content for your readers often. 

3.) Check out related blogs: Do your research. What are people with your same interest blogging about. What topics are they blogging about? What feedback are they getting from readers?  

4.) Just Blog: Do it already. Most of us plan for way too long and really never start. The secret of doing anything is to get right on and just do it. Start today, start now, just blog!

This is an introductory post. To know more on blogging visit the page blogging 101 here