Blogging 101

Blogging1Market yourself or your business, build your network, make your voice heard on a matter that touches you and or share with the World your passion, ideas, experiences and talents through blogging. It’s so much fun, it’s rewarding and it is easy!

The intention of this page is to encourage you to blog and to show you how if you are new to blogging. The World needs to see and read the beauty you carry inside. If you feel for a second that what you have read makes any sense, then read through the articles below to guide you, they guided me as well.  Will love if you please share your blog link in the comment section so I can visit and follow. Let’s get started!



why-blogStep One: Why Blog and for who? – Knowing the reason you want to blog and who you’re blogging for is the first decision you make when you want to start blogging. People blog for different reasons and you’ve got to find yours. I particularly like this article on Huffpost which gives the reasons people blog and the benefits of blogging. You can read this article here

PassionStep Two: What are you passionate about? Your Passion is the key to blogging. Blogging can be fun when you blog what you love and love what you blog! It will determine what you should blog about (your niche) and will help you get creative with your content and do frequent update. This article on Blogging Basics 101 further emphasizes the importance of blogging your passion, help you find your passion and niche and probably more. Read here

3-Things-to-Remember-Name-Your-BlogStep Three: Choose a name for your Blog – What do you want to call your blog?What ever name you pick should relate to the content and be appealing to your potential readers. You could try looking at other blogs with the same niche. Let me not get into the details but whatever you do, stay original this article on Successful Blogging has different ideas on choosing a name for your blog. Read here

Blogging-Platforms-2013Step Four: Pick a Blogging Platform  There are many blogging platforms existing and can get really confusing when you have to pick. For example,,, etc. I use and I would recommend it for any first time blogger because most of the work has been done for you already; secondly, it’s free unless you want to upgrade to the premium plan; most of it’s themes are responsive meaning it will look good if opened in any device including phones and you can design your blog to look like a website. Notwithstanding I’m giving you the option of reviewing the others and making a choice. This article on Creative Blog will help a great deal. Find it here

BLOGGERStep Five: Create and Design your Blog – If you have decided on what blogging platform to use then lets get started on creating and designing your blog. I’ll share with you tutorials for 3 different blogging platforms in my order, hoping one of them will be your pick. Notwithstanding, if it’s not among, feel free to leave a comment down below and I’ll address it. So let’s get going;

  • Learn all about blogging with here
  • Blogger: Learn about blogging on blogger here 
  • Tumblr: Learn about blogging with Tumblr here

I’m happy you decided to get on this Journey. Please share with me once you get your blog up. Have fun blogging and know I am always here to help. From time to time, I’ll write about tips to help you get the best of your blog on my post page Thromaeyes but I’ll do well to leave highlights and links to those posts on this page.